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About Us

Who are we?
We are J.S.B. Industries, more commonly known as Muffin Town, located in Chelsea and Lawrence, Massachusetts. Our family-owned business is a nationally distributed wholesale bakery. We strive to consistently produce top quality, premium value bakery products with the taste of hometown goodness in every bite.

Our journey begins with founder Jack Anderson at age 16 in a bakery he rented after hours. As a young entrepreneur, Jack was hand scooping his own homemade batter to produce delicious muffins. He personally delivered the muffins to local restaurants, bakeries, and delis as fast as he could make them. Now forty years later, what started as a typical early morning bakery has transformed into a business selling products nationwide with two major manufacturing facilities.

Our family takes pride in delivering the highest quality baked goods, with a primary focus on foodservice distribution to K-12 schools. After numerous requests from satisfied students and parents on ways to access our products directly, we decided to open up “Madeline’s Pantry”. Our goal with starting Madeline’s Pantry was to create an accessible online platform in order to efficiently get our products directly to you.

But who is Madeline?

Madeline and Jack Anderson

Madeline is the oldest granddaughter of Jack’s six wonderful grandchildren.

As the only girl grandchild in the family at the time of the pantry being created, Jack decided to name this new branch of his business after Madeline.